Friday, June 17, 2011

The Sounds of Dad making Pancakes

I am sick today.  Really really sick.  Stomach troubles, head ache, all over body aches, dizzy, chills - it is not pretty.

I didn't have anything quick to fix for breakfast for the kids (out of bread and out of cereal) so I managed to mix together the pancake batter and Jim cooked them.  He has very little experience cooking not that he wouldn't try I just don't let him.

Here are a few things that came out of his motuth as he cooked -

oh no
that one is too big
is that done yet?
the center is undercooked - what do I do?
with a healthy springkling of sighs and moans

I have decided that if I want to start my day with a little humor I need to ask Jim to make pancakes.  He really did a great job.  What that man wouldn't do for me - including vacuuming.  He is teaching our sons well.

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  1. Sorry you're so sick!! Sounds pretty humorous on the pancake-making. Hooray for a husband who is willing :)