Sunday, June 26, 2011

Peter vs. The Big Hill

Friday was the Ward Campout.  Since we don't camp we just went up for the evening, went home to sleep, and went back up for breakfast in the morning.  The kids had tons of fun.  Jim and I not so much since we spent the evening chasing Peter and Jacob.

The big event of the evening was Peter losing the battle with the big hill.  The big kids were all trekking up the hillside.  It was steep and had no real path but that didn't stop them.  Peter did not want to miss out on the fun so he followed.  Jim stayed at the bottom and kept calling after Peter for him to come back. Being 3 years old he did not listen.  Peter kept going higher and higher.  Eventually he did decide to turn around but he wanted to run down - it didn't go well.  He ended up sliding on his face for a bit and getting nice and scratched up.

As I have thought about the incident I couldn't help but notice how much I act like Peter at times.   I am bound and determined to do something that I know I shouldn't.  Once I finally decide to listen and turn around it doesn't exactly go smoothly - more often than not I stumble and fall.  

Take for instance the other night.  I was trying to teach Allison how to sweep the floor.  I allowed her stubbornness to get under my skin.  I know better than that.  Once I get frustrated with a child I have a hard time being rational and end up loosing my temper big time - this was no exception.  As soon as she started to give me grief it was as if I stood at the bottom of the hill. Instead of walking away I plowed on up - big mistake. I should have explained the task one more time and walked away and asked Jim to finish up with her but no.... By the time I realized how bad the situation was I was way up the hill.  I turned around but it was too late and I fell big time.  It was not pretty. The simple task of teaching her how to sweep the floor became a total disaster.  I was yelling, she was crying and Jim was watching in awe of the horrible mess I had made. 

I really need to learn to listen to the advice I give my children and not go up the big hill.

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