Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pat my Back and SHUT UP!

I love how children learn to copy everything you do.  I pat Jacob's back while I hold him and it is not uncommon for him to wrap his little arm around me and do the same.

 The only problem with the cute mimicking is when they copy things you wish they wouldn't.  Today it was me telling Allison to "SHUT UP!". Next thing I knew Jacob in his cute emerging voice was sweetly telling her to shut up as well.  I suppose if I told her to shut up in a nice voice it might not be so bad but that is not how it happens.

When I was growing up "Shut up" was the equivalent to a four letter word.  We were in big trouble if we said it.  I never understood that as a kid but I do now.  I should have listened to my mother.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm Georgeous Inside

Our family was participating in a charity walk the other day and saw this older home for sale.  The home was nothing special.  It had no real curb appeal to speak of but this is the sign that was hanging outside.

It really caught my attention and made me think.   I feel very average and that I am not exactly stunningly beautiful.  I know my husband thinks I am beautiful and that is all that really matters in the end but....  there are days when I wish I was skinny and movie star beautiful.  What difference would it make if I walked around with a sign above my head that read I'm Gorgeous Inside?  Would people look at me differently and if so would it be in a good way or a bad crazy lady sort of way?

I think I need to hang a sign similar to this above every mirror in my home.  I could use the reminder each day that although I may be rather average on the outside I'M GORGEOUS INSIDE.  I could use the constant reminder that I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father and that he loves me.  I may look like every other frazzled mother but I have a beautiful heart.  I think we all could gain some self confidence by reminding ourselves that we are gorgeous inside.  It doesn't matter what is on the outside it matters what is on the inside.  It sounds cheesy but it is true.  We try to teach this idea to our children but how often as mothers do we listen to our own advice.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

1644 Braddon Way

1644 Braddon Way is what I think of as home. This was the house my parents brought me home from the hospital to and was the same house that I left from to get married.  I loved that house.  It wasn't fancy or huge but it was home.  We had an orchard in the back yard that had oranges, apricots and apples.  There may have been limes and possibly peaches or figs - I can't remember. I will have to ask my mom about it.

My favorite trees were the apricots.  They were huge trees.  Plenty big enough to climb and would produce tasty fruit every summer.  We would spend days harvesting the fruit so we could bottle them and make jam out of them each summer.  I have many happy memories of playing in the orchard.  We would have picnics with our dolls when we were young.  As we got older we would hang out and gorge ourselves with the apricots off the trees until we were sick.  Summer was delicious but Spring was beautiful with all of the blossoms.  I can't think of an orchard in bloom without smiling.

Me and my younger sister in the orchard
Although I have lived in 10 homes in the past 15 years of marriage and have no blooming orchard for my children to play in I am happy. I have 6 wonderful kids.  I have a great husband.  I am lucky enough to live in a great neighborhood surrounded by good people.  Life is not always easy but always so worth the effort that each day requires.  I have so many things to smile about each day being a wife and a mother  - even without an orchard in bloom.  LIFE IS GOOD.