Friday, June 24, 2011

Old Clothes = New Clothes

I purchased new shorts for the boys a few weeks ago and yet Andrew still is wearing his shorts that are way too small for him.  I decided to take matters into my own hands and take away the shorts that I don't want him to wear any longer - problem solved.  Now he has no choice but to wear the new shorts.  SIDE NOTE - As it turns out Tim had claimed all the new longer shorts for himself so Andrew didn't have anything but the old shorts to wear.  I have fixed that.

Now that I was looking at a pile of 4 pairs of big boy shorts I got to thinking (never a good thing) that Peter needs new shorts.  With a family of 6 kids someone is always out growing their clothes.  While the big boys shorts would be way too big for Peter it still gave me an idea.

I turned Andrew's out grown shorts into great shorts for Peter.  An hour or so later I have 4 pairs of little boys shorts that have plenty of growing room.  I will post a full tutorial of how I did it later.  It was way easy.

I love the satisfaction that being thrifty gives me.

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