Saturday, June 18, 2011

Holding Hands at Bedtime

Bedtime with the little boys is an adventure.  They sleep in the back end of our very large masterbedroom closet but it is a closet afterall so their beds are pretty close together.  At first it worked great but as they have gotten more accustomed to sleeping in the same space (I can't exactly call it a room) they have gotten more crazy.  

Jim or I always sit with them until they go to sleep but there is still the throwing of blankets, the talking to each other or even better the intentional rolling out of bed by Peter quickly followed by the taking of Jacobs pacifier - that one never goes over well.

In an effort to keep them more under control we now sit between their beds and read the scriptures to them until they are asleep.  Peter and I often hold hands while I read.  It is the sweetest thing.  If he is holding my hand he can't be too wiggly.  It works like a charm and Peter doesn't feel like he is being contained.  Jacob will stand up and ask to hold my hand - it never last very long but nor does he feel left out.

When I open my scriptures Peter asks me to "Read Jesus Mom".  I love that he is learning at such a young age that the scriptures teach about Christ.  If I stop reading before he is asleep he is sad and asks to have more scriptures read to him.  I honestly think I could read just about anything to them but it is a great way for me to be sure that I am reading my scriptures every day.  I have never read from the scriptures for as long each day or as consistently as I am doing now.  I love it when my children provide the catalyst for me to do better.

When the older four kids were little we read to them as they went to bed too.  They have gotten a little too old for that now.  Some nights when they are talking and carrying on I think maybe we need to do it again to keep them calm and quiet.  Somehow I don't think that Tim or Andrew would be too fond of me holding their hands as they went to sleep.  It might work as a threat.  I can hear it now - "Boys if you don't stop wrestling and go to sleep I am going to come in there and hold your hands while I read to you"  I think the silence would be deafening.

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  1. I can hear the pin drop now in that deafening silence... too funny!