Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pancakes are a Burden

Kathryn came down this morning and asks what is for breakfast.  Upon finding out that it was fresh hot pancakes she was sorely disappointed. 

 "Mom, why do we have pancakes for breakfast?  Why can't we have something else?"  It seems that no matter what I make I can't win.  If we have oatmeal Allison is unhappy.  If we have cream of wheat Andrew is unhappy.  If I make pancakes too many days in a row Kathryn is unhappy.  Depending on their mood the little boys will boycott breakfast (or any other meal for that matter).  I try to be a good mother and fix the kids a hot breakfast every day.  Not only is it better for them but it is way cheaper than cold cereal. 

As a kid it seems like we ate hot cereal every day for breakfast.  I know it wasn't quite that often but there wasn't a whole lot of variety.  I confess I do make pancakes a lot.  I can make them start to finish in about 15 min. Of all the breakfast choices the kids complain about pancakes the least.  But I think I better try for a little more variety or else my kids will whine later in life that all I ever made for breakfast was pancakes.  As if having pancakes every day is a burden.

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  1. I really do think it was almost every day we had hot cereal - at least 5 out of 7 days. But we did at least have a good variety of hot cereal choices (cracked wheat and apples was my least favorite - everything else I loved)