Friday, June 10, 2011

Chips Provide Natural Consequences

I love natural consequences - here is what happened:

I got the chips out to give the kids a snack and discovered that the can of BBQ Lay's Stax was almost gone when it should have been about half full. I asked Allison if she had snuck some last night while I was putting the little boys to bed. The guilt was evident on her face immediately.  With less than one serving of BBQ chips I asked who wanted it. Andrew and Allison both wanted it.Since Allison apparently had her serving last night I gave it to Andrew.You would have thought that Allison's world had come to an end with the weeping and wailing that erupted from her.  She seriously asked why she didn't get the last serving because she asked first - completely in denial of how her actions effected this situation.

The result of all this :

She was sad. Not so much about her choices - more about that fact that she didn't get the type of chip she wanted - I am working on that with her. I was thrilled that there was a perfect natural consequence to her actions. I find my job as a parent is easier when there are natural consequences.

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