Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What the 3 yr old does when no one is looking

I took a few photos yesterday and while reviewing them noticed that there were pictures on my camera that I did not take.  From  the little finger in each shot and the fact that Jacob is being photographed in a few of them I am pretty sure it was Peter. 

 I suspect this all happened while I was upstairs moving laundry from one machine to another or an equally exciting core. 

Peter sneaks the camara off the counter. 
Jacob is looking over the gate for me
Peter begins to explore
Peter is fond of playing with duplo blocks
The day is not complete without a little Sesame Street
More shots of his finger

Jacob has learned that Peter has the camara
Here he comes for the camera.  Jacob never wants to be left out of the fun.  

These two little boys are so cute but are quite the troublesome duo.


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  1. I've found some pretty funny pics like that in the past. It's funny to see what interests them enough to take a pic of it. I love the shot of Sesame Street :)