Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Felt Owl Ornament Tutorial

Want to know how to make this?

Over the next few weeks I will be posting tutorials on a series of felt owl that I made.

Today lets start with a few very basic stitch.

When I give my kids a needle and thread to stitch with this is what they tend to do
naturally. A running stitch is very easy for even the most inexperienced sewer and looks nice when spaced evenly.

This stitch I call the snowflake stitch for because it reminds me of a snowflake.
The photos are pretty self explanatory -. Make a basic cross stitch but in a + shape. Then on top of that do another basic cross stitch slightly smaller. That’s all there is to it.

 If you can make a running stitch , a snowflake stitch and sew on a button you can make this.

Use the template below to cut out your felt shapes.  Cut two of the body and one of the belly.  To make the eyes just cut circle of felt.  Play around with their shape and size to change the look completely.

You can shrink or enlarge the template to suit your personal style.  These would make adorable Christmas ornaments.  You can even enlarge the templates and make something as large as an accent pillow or a stuffed animal.

Click on the above photo and you can see the details of the stitches. 

Stitch instructions -
Running stitch to attach belly and snowflake stitch in the middle
Nose is attached is a few running stitches. 
The eyes are held on only with the button in the center

For the hanging loop you can use ribbon, strips of felt, or a loop of embroidery floss.  When you use embroidery floss  or thin ribbon tie a knot in the end to create the loop.  The knot will help ensure that the loop of floss doesn’t pull out of the top

I like to sew the front and the back together on my sewing machine but you could do it by hand as well.

I don't do hand work as often as I should.  I always find it calming and therapeutic.   What are you feeling on handwork?


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  1. Aww! He's so cute!! Thanks for the little tutorial!

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  3. i just saw another felt owl on tater tots, and now i'm seeing this one- i know my daughter will love to make this one too!

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  5. How cute! Thanks for sharing!

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