Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pat my Back and SHUT UP!

I love how children learn to copy everything you do.  I pat Jacob's back while I hold him and it is not uncommon for him to wrap his little arm around me and do the same.

 The only problem with the cute mimicking is when they copy things you wish they wouldn't.  Today it was me telling Allison to "SHUT UP!". Next thing I knew Jacob in his cute emerging voice was sweetly telling her to shut up as well.  I suppose if I told her to shut up in a nice voice it might not be so bad but that is not how it happens.

When I was growing up "Shut up" was the equivalent to a four letter word.  We were in big trouble if we said it.  I never understood that as a kid but I do now.  I should have listened to my mother.

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