Sunday, May 29, 2011

1644 Braddon Way

1644 Braddon Way is what I think of as home. This was the house my parents brought me home from the hospital to and was the same house that I left from to get married.  I loved that house.  It wasn't fancy or huge but it was home.  We had an orchard in the back yard that had oranges, apricots and apples.  There may have been limes and possibly peaches or figs - I can't remember. I will have to ask my mom about it.

My favorite trees were the apricots.  They were huge trees.  Plenty big enough to climb and would produce tasty fruit every summer.  We would spend days harvesting the fruit so we could bottle them and make jam out of them each summer.  I have many happy memories of playing in the orchard.  We would have picnics with our dolls when we were young.  As we got older we would hang out and gorge ourselves with the apricots off the trees until we were sick.  Summer was delicious but Spring was beautiful with all of the blossoms.  I can't think of an orchard in bloom without smiling.

Me and my younger sister in the orchard
Although I have lived in 10 homes in the past 15 years of marriage and have no blooming orchard for my children to play in I am happy. I have 6 wonderful kids.  I have a great husband.  I am lucky enough to live in a great neighborhood surrounded by good people.  Life is not always easy but always so worth the effort that each day requires.  I have so many things to smile about each day being a wife and a mother  - even without an orchard in bloom.  LIFE IS GOOD.

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